Constantin Urzică, Artist, Trupa Introspect, Romania

I don’t know about the professional impact, but at a personal level, the labyrinth changed my life. The first performance I attended had such a powerful impact on me that I immediately became interested in learning more and passing this kind of experience further. Only then did I realise one can offer people such intense and life-changing experiences. I have been an SLT performer for almost two years and the only regret I have so far is the fact that I wasn’t able to invest more time and have a lot more performances.

Cinzia Laura Brogliato, Actor, Italy

All my perspectives changed. I’s a different way to see, to feel, to listen. It’s a new way of making art… the art of living.



Elisa Sarchi, Theatre Practitioner, TEATRO Calypso, Italy

It definitely had an impact on my personal and professional life. it gave me a first rough and then second and third and more defined idea of how theatre- and in general arts – and life are made of the same material, and getting new people into this discovering has become some kind of mission.

Sebastian Dobrescu, Director, Teatrul Labirint Asylum, Romania

For the people I work with SLT had a profound positive impact on their lives and personalities, helping some find their ways in life, others to cope with themselves and further their introspective exploration, and for some others, it helped more than going to rehab.

It’s a cathartic jewel, it’s a form of evolution, and given its psychotherapeutic side I see the Labyrinth as playing a very important role in the future of humanity.

It’s a free-play zone in a chaotic world that desperately needs to learn again how to be sincere. An ephemeral space, lost in time, in which spectators subconsciously lose their egos and thus true, unaltered connection naturally appear between the spectators and the actors. A place where everyone can willingly be vulnerable without consequences.

I do it because of the impact it had on me.



Ana-Marija Mileusnić, Activist, Croatia

Performing in SLT was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It showed me different perspectives and opened my view to the things I wasn’t aware were there. It helped me get to know myself better. Also, it helped me get to know others in a way I couldn’t have imagined before.

Changing into a different perspective made me realise few things that I find important; it empowered my love for human kind, as well as took off my everyday culturally constructed boundaries that were keeping me from being the person who I want to be. After the performance they haven’t really disappeared but I became aware of them and now I can start working on it. SLT helped me with a kick off. That was my personal level.

On a professional level it had a different impact; as a volunteer and an activist in an environmental NGO I work with a lot of people who need to cooperate very well to be efficient with what we’re doing. Getting more in touch with each others would help to show other’s different perspective and connect on a different level as a group which is very important in my opinion.

Lut De Naeyer, Activist, Belgium

It gives you a beautiful experience to come close to others and to yourself. It gave me the experience of how different people are but then also how we all are so connected. How we are there for each other. It gave me more belief and strength in myself.



Bogdan Nechifor, actor/Director, Compania de Teatru Labirint, Romania

I got to do slt by accident but I realised that it really touches people. In the same time I realised that this kind of approach towards an audience was part of my answer to "why I'm an actor, what is theater all about?"

We had around 500 people going throw this first show in Bucharest and most of them wrote feedback at the end. I knew that spectators were going to intense emotions but this feedback was shocking. Apparently those people experienced something really important for each of them, maybe something they didn't feel for a long time or something totally new. A feeling of being one with themselves, totally present.

The show was promoting itself by word of mouth and we had a huge waiting list. So i slowly realised that this is a true necessity for the audience and this is why I'm still doing it.