This was a training in Cardiff which allowed us to bring together representatives from ten European Cultural Operators and members of The Republic of the Imagination for one week to focus on the 3rd stage of our development project "The Conference of the Birds."  There was a small team building a 7 meter yurt and another of 30 working in a huge and magnificent building in Cardiff Bay to mount a Context Oriented Theatre performance for invited audiences. 

"It has changed the way i think about theatre and the work i have done in the past. It has allowed me to make strong bonds with like minded people who i would love to work with again. the work has moved me in a way that i cant explain in words, all i can say is that i feel more connected to myself and other people on a much deeper level."

"The training helped me overcome my fears and understand how to talk to my blocks and make the best of my time on Earth :) I have also changed my opinion about Forum theatre and find it closer to my heart and will find a way to learn more about it and include it in our workshops."

"It has allowed me to connect with others from around the world which without this training, wouldn't be possible. I have connected with like minded people, linking and creating communities, where everyone shares similar goals. I feel reassured and positive and am constantly reminded of the potential of this work. this feeling of happiness and positivity has weaved its way into may life and work and will continue to inform the paths I take and the way teach."

"The training opened a door for me for a sites pacific new kind of theatre that can be a continuation of my knowledge in Forum Theatre and encourage me to find ways to host a similar projects in conflict areas and polarised communities."

"For me the training was very powerful and connected with under-covering my inner blocks that stop me to be an active, creative citizen."

"As a young person involved in the arts from a production point of view, I believe this experience gave me a much needed insight on the process of creating and performing. The necessary link between the creative world and the production world is long overdue and in that matter The Conference of the Birds' contribute was remarkable, even if for just one producer. As for my life, I can only say it has definitely changed. Thist experience gave me a refreshing sense of belonging and a much needed feeling of awakening. However far the meaning of life might be from me, I've now began my search for it."

"Personally I felt the devising process was transformational for me, in ways that are hard to put into words. It helped me working on my own inner life and the feeling of connection with 40 people from different countries, most of whom I'd never met before was profound. I left feeling like part of a very large family. The process of devising and also performing gave me some kind of deep realisations about how we artificially construct our "selves" and our realities, and some sort of feeling about how to "be" and connect with the moment better and with others. Its hard to put into words! Work wise - lots of ideas, inspiration, activities to support creative processes, lots of contacts...."