Heads Up Theatre is a Theatre of the Oppressed project based in Cardiff - offering training, workshops and performances for communities and groups. The name comes from the idea that perhaps we should be looking up more, lifting our heads and waking up to how society needs to change and how that is not going to happen through facebook 'likes' and online petitions alone.  Headup Theatr proposes that theatre can be a form of activism which uses the total language of the aesthetic space to not only talk about things that matter to us, but also to rehearse transformation both inward and outward.  Fun also is an essential ingredient of our actives.

The invitation to participate is as follows -

1.Pleasure.  Now hold on there…don’t get too carried away! We mean pleasure as it was defined by the Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus - ‘a fearless philosophical conversation between friends’.

2. Action. Except that our philosophy also includes not just thinking and talking about things but taking action.  The great thing about theatre is that it allows us to rehearse this action and share ideas in 5D - That’s the 5 dimensions of theatre - up, down, across, memory and imagination.  And the world is our stage…at least that little bit around where you live.

3.Risk.  Ok this isn’t fight club or tough mudder!  But you will be invited to take the risk of falling awake to the miracle of being alive. And yes, that means putting your smartphone down and lifting up your head and looking around. So let’s wake up and smell the coffee i.e. life is very short - and then lets smell the roses.