Host a Training


One way to receive the training free is to host the training.

For The Art of Looking at Ourselves (3-day introduction to CoArts), you will need a minimum of 10 participants (including yourself) and a maximum of 30.  You will be responsible for finding the optimum location for the training, for advertising the event, for receiving enquiries and for ensuring appropriate payment of training fees.  After 15 participants are secured, the hosts will receive 25% of any income received from any more participants.

Connecting Matter, Energy and Meaning (14-day SLT training) can be hosted only by those who have participated in previous courses.  The minimum number of participants is 15 and the maximum is 40.  Likewise, after the 15th participant, the host can receive 25% of income from any extra participants.  Hosting this training is a greater responsibility and is better implemented by a team.  It involves producing and marketing a theatre production, sourcing materials, managing the location and ticketing as well as responding to the participant and audience needs.  The Academy can help prepare a budget.  With this in view, any profit from tickets is invested into a fund to help produce future performances by the hosts or a continuation of the SLT production created during the training.

When Inner and Outer Become One is a large 6-month project that can be hosted by Academy alumni.  Those who have successfully completed the three stages.

The Academy will venture to provide information and materials to help advertise training though these might need to be translated for local use from English.