I was invited to create a Sensory Labyrinth Theatre performance with students from Universidad de Los Andes at Merida Botanical Gardens for the Arts, Peace and Sustainability Conference in Venezuela.  Here's some audience feedback.

"I felt cared and protected; a calm that was far away from my body came back today.
It is beautiful how we can take care of the other ones and also how the other person allows to be cared."

"Laugh, cry, anger, happiness. Nervousness, anxiety, euphoria. How is it possible to be able to feel so many things at the same time. It is amazing to have consciousness of all that.

What a beautiful thing is to live, and to create, to be sensitive to all this, internal peace, collective peace, world wide peace."

"I started being someone special and I went out being another person. There were stations that I think they affected me and that I could not overcome, and there were other stations that helped me to overcome. Everything is so special that I turned into someone more sensitive at the end, for example the dogs that you could hear outside the labyrinth (far away) they disturbed me, that made me think many questions, and at the same time I was full of silence and answers."

"To be at the beginning to be at the end,
to be against the semidarkness fear,
to be against the frightened uncertainty 
to let yourself to be by the earth that call from the womb
 to let yourself to get  carried away by the man that carries heartbeats from the chest
personified in a God and to feel how 
the footsteps are wiped off with the water.
To take the thread of Ariadne with the certainty that you will reach the place.
To find yourself in the race of the time with the laughs of the forest and without fear to trip.
To be with the water, to be with the herbs,
to be … with the fire that embrace icebergs of loneliness
To be with this earth, to be attentive to the call of the earth.
To observe its “earthiness” in the sound of the “cicada”.
And to see yourself being."

"The sense… the reason… that  we are looking for but we do not find;
it is just right there, in front of our eyes, waiting that we decide ourselves, it is only love
that we do not know any more how to give, but deep down in our heart, it is hidden and we must catch it, I will wait for you where the sun wake up, where the earth sings and wakes us up with life. Love speaks to us everywhere, it is just necessary to see it!"

While there I also made a video that asks what it means to be indigenous.