Theatr Cynefin were commissioned by Porto City Hall to create an event to launch the European Year of Disabled People.  We were given a huge space in the Alfandega building and worked with all the disability advocate groups to create our labyrinth.  The performance was extended by 5 days to enable the Prime Minister of Portugal to attend.  Unfortunately he was called to Azores to meet President George Bush to start the Iraq War.

“The Labyrinth leads us not into nothing, but into the discovery of ourselves, of what we are and the world around us. It leads us to reflection on the mystery of life.
There’s more…”

“Nothing will be the same as before in my understanding of the world and my circumstances”.

“An unique experience! Everyone should try it! I feel much richer, much more human!”

“…life reserves for us many unexpected and uncontrollably ravishing awakenings. And today I felt it”. 

“If it hurts so much when it’s over, it’s because each instant was alive inside me, finding a definitive good: good that matters, of eternal  love”.

“Today I experienced some sensations for the first time. But I don’t want to reveal them”.

“One lives and thinks differently after walking through the Labyrinth”.

“I can still feel the tears in my eyes, the beat of my heart, my sweaty hands and a wonderful and magic peaceful feeling … It was like a dream I will never forget… Each person is unique and different! I am unique and different, and we all exist… I exist!  Thank you for this unique experience…Thank you for teaching me to value the most basic daily sensations…”

“I thought it would be just one more carnival…I’m glad I was wrong. It really was something that puts a question mark in our existence. I’m glad it is like that”.

“Better is impossible. I’m nothing. I thought I was a hero. I’m feeling like nothing”

“Generosity exists and it’s here. For what it was, is, and will be, I thank you”.

“This is not an experience to like or dislike. It is to feel. To feel equality is not equality… I experienced shame, impotence, sadness, and again an immense shame. For I had to come “here” to be more aware”!

“I learnt I have inside me emotions often alienated by daily routine. The traffic, rush, work, saving, struggling for material things, makes us lose the importance of what’s essential – the senses. It was no doubt an awakening and a remembrance of what really matters and how fragile we are”.

“There are incredible things in life!!!  We think we know a lot.  I learnt so much in one hour that I feel different, - much better – there’s lots of things I’m not indifferent to anymore”.

“I remain speechless… it will remain inside me, settling ideas, and whenever they are activated, everything I learnt will emerge and your work will be transformed into really important actions”.