Pre-Order E-Book “What if All There is is This?”

Some 20 years in the making this is a comprehensive guide to the techniques that form the basis of the body of work now called ‘Context Oriented Arts’ of which Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (slt) is the main practice.

A spiral curriculum, the book is divided into sections on Approach, Practice and Integration which are further divided into sub-sections of the same name. Covering -

  • A history of CoAts from early epiphanies to recent discoveries

  • The Dynamic Metaphors used to develop the compassionate approach that emerges from direct experience of our true nature (The Art of Looking at Ourselves)

  • The practice of opening the senses to the space between to create Sensory Portals that have Moment, Movement and Path (Connecting Matter, Energy and Meaning)

  • Consciousness transformed, we explore the possibility of integration into day to day living with the development of Parallel Infrastructure based on Reciprocal well-being. (When Inner and Outer Become One)

    Publication Date: Mid-2020

    Price: £30

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