Unlike other theatre companies, the main ‘output’ of Theatr Cynefin are not performances or plays. They are the by-product of the training processes in which we engage with communities.

What we seek to produce is a transformation of consciousness through the process, for performers and audiences. The nomadic pop-up Academy of CoArts is an expression of this longing.

So you will not often see opportunities to see our productions, because they happen sporadically and serendipitously wherever the academy passes.

That said, where the seeds of that process have taken root companies are sometimes formed which produce Sensory Labyrinth Theatre productions and which are advertised locally.

We will advertise any training that is open to the public here and there is always the possibility to invite the academy to visit your community or company. You can view our prospectus to better understand the courses we offer and what to expect from participating.

Among our thousands of Alumni there are several that have formed companies that produce slt and there are links to these so that you can see what productions they are creating.

Papers are also being written about slt and the approach of which it is part, called Context Oriented Arts (CoArts). These papers are gathered on an online Journal of CoArts.