The Arts Council of Wales funded Theatr Cynefin to develop a script for a Sensory Labyrinth Theatre production which while site specific was specific to a generic space - so it could tour.

We developed the idea of a Labyrinth sited in Miners Institutes, of which there are many in South Wales and a few in the North too.

Yn Nrych y Tywyllwch translates as in the mirror of darkness and we explored how being most of the day in darkness might have effected the imagination of miners.

But another layer we seeked to explore was how the creative process is also a kind of mining in the dark and for inspiration we looked to the beginnings of professional Welsh Language Theatre that toured these institutes in the early 70's and in particular one play by Gwenlyn Parry called Y Ffin.

For research we visited the actors who were in the original production of the play and they helped us in devising the sensory portals.  One of them, Eilian Wyn, helped us write the script.